Growing up in a socially distorted environment I thought I had to fight my surroundings.

Fighting to get out of poverty, fighting to be save, fighting to survive… Silly me!

As we grow up, we see things, take them in but can’t put them in perspective so these surroundings create little demons we take inside us.

These demons give us limitations, we don’t realize that we have them and live by them until something happens and we see those demons!

For example:
You can’t think about being wealthy, if you struggle to find the money to buy food.
The thought of being wealthy is just ridiculous, the thought of this being ridiculous sets boundaries in our head and will keep us from finding wealth.

Inner demons, inner limitations, holding us down and not  letting us to ever break this cycle!

If you are aware, you can change! So let’s change!

It is not the outside surroundings we need to fight it’s our own inner demons we need to get rid of!

This doesn’t need to be about wealth, it can be surviving abuse, being healthy or being happy…

We need to set us free!

Believing we can lose those shackles and do anything we damn well please!

To be free, fierce and limitless!♥

Take care!