It makes my skin curl… Be you! Stand by yourself! It’s okay to do that! ❤ my life! 🙂 Don't forget being YOU!!!


This post will be written in English and in Dutch
Als je deze post wilt lezen in het Nederlands dan moet je naar beneden gaan

Hi there,

A collegue told Mie in a heated discussion: “Why do you have to make a big deal about it and why can’t you just do like everyone else…

This touched my soul!

You don’t know how I sometimes struggle with myself internally… Don’t stand out, just do it like everyone else…  This is sometimes hard even for Mie! Sometimes I wish I could just fit in… I know what is expected for Mie but can’t pull it off!

I have never fitted in… I was and still am the odd one out! Just doing like everyone else is like putting salt in my coffee… It is just wrong! I debate/question everything and always! I don’t like it, I have struggled with this and…

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