Enkel in het Engels deze keer.


Hi You,

What I am about to write down is going to be a life changer for me!
I need to write it down, for me, it’s real then… So here I go!

  • Shit happens, there is nothing wrong with me because of things happening!
  • It is okay to feel like shit, get your act together anyway!
  • You are not going to break because of something happening to you, learn from it and roll with the punches… Enjoy the process!

I have made the choice that I am going to be happy (internally) no matter what external factor is giving me troubles!
Being down does nothing for me! Except dragging me down, making me feel so small that I want to quit!!!
I refuse this!

Being down is living in fear and negativity, I don’t want that for you and I surely don’t want that for me!!!

Someone gave me Brene Brown’s book about not being perfect and being okay with it… I thought it was a good book but didn’t get it.
Well I do get it now. I am not perfect, my life will not be perfect but this is not important and it will be good without being perfect!

It doesn’t have to be perfect… What is perfect?!
Why do we raise our levels to perfection for us to enjoy life?! It will never happen!

I choose actively for love, compassion and positivity!!!
I felt the love of my environment when I was down, I want to thank YOU for sending the love!
It has arrived and I am ready to give it back…

Hope you are doing fine, maybe not perfect but enjoying all of life!

Take care,


My affirmation: I am altermie, I am a part of the universe and its immense power, I have this power inside of me and I can do anything what I want to do!