Hi You!

Recently I found a lot of blogs, websites about leading this extra-ordinary life (In my next blog I will post a link below of Mie most motivational or inspiring websites).
Being the best version of you… Truly inspiring and I get an energy boost from reading all the stories!!! Seriously they are! They say it is possible, they all claim that. Well, is it?

Is it possible for Mie, a plain woman, who is married, a mommy of 2, and working as a nurse to lead this amazing life full with opportunities to have a more satisfied life while doing things she loves? Could I turn into a person, who is able to change my community/life/world/universe?

Dream big, they say… Easy!

First let me introduce myself, Mie!
I grew up in an abusive family, my dad was an angry alcoholic and my mom tried to cope and protect us, by doing everything my dad wanted, giving him her undivided attention. They ended up divorcing, what a surprise! So my mom had to take care of my 3 sisters and Mie. This was a hard life… Luxuries, say what? It was hard to put food on the table and life was a struggle for my family. I had tried to support my mom by working during the weekends and holidays, so I could take care of Mie. Thankfully I dated a great guy, who knew our struggle and helped where he could. Do I need to explain that I was a lost cause in school? I didn’t have hope I could ever be anything other then being poor! Couldn’t see the possibilities of education, got my degree in the end, a degree of nothingness and surely not one I loved!

Dream big…

I tried hard to survive, I did and that was the big dream!!!
So I ended up doing crappie jobs, I studied something I wasn’t passionate about, so no surprise then, why I got the lousy jobs!!!
I got married to that great guy, who made it possible to survive without losing my mind! Had a beautiful daughter… Wasn’t happy because with having here, I didn’t want the same life for her and if I didn’t do anything about it, she would end up with a crappie job too! So I wanted to escape that life and went back to school, trained to be a nurse!!!

Dream bigger… I thought that this was my BIG dream!

How naive I was! Had my son, work(ed) in the OR as a nurse, bought a house! Why don’t I feel satisfied??? I have already grown so much! I couldn’t understand why…

Now I know why… I am settling! This isn’t the best version of being Mie… I feel it; I know it and I want to change this! So I need to get out of the shade or the majority, lose my self-doubt, believe in Mie and believe in the power of the universe… Sounds a bit crazy and ethereal but I know this is My truth! I have to think outside the box, I’ve worked so hard to fit in! But never felt satisfied over certain aspects of Mie life! I do also believe that everything happens for a reason! So let’s bring it on!

Let’s start by dreaming BIG!!!

That is why I searched the web so often to find inspiring stories, to get Mie motivated! I have read so much about it… In the end it comes out to this:
“Believe that you are meant to do great things, dream big and just do it!”
Must be easy, no? Well, if you look back on it after you made it… Maybe it was easy, it is easy to say if you have reached your goals! But I am no way near Mie goal, so for Mie this is SCARY!!!

This blog will be about this journey I am going to submerge Mie in!
I want to have a more satisfied life, I want to make a difference in my community and help others!!!
Will I lose my restraints life has given Mie and can I dream big?!
Will I succeed? Or am I destined to be a plain Jane forever?

Want to find out? Please follow Mie blog!!! Next blog I will reveal a little test to find out If I can expect any awesomeness in my life…

And please leave a comment as it will give Mie support! I promise to write back! I will blog every week to keep you updated as you follow me in this expedition!

Thank you for reading, you are awesome!!!

Take care,

Love life and take control!